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Bean Recipes

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Asian Green Beans and Mushrooms

An easy to make stir fry dish that is absolutely

Bacon and Bean Casserole

A quick and easy but very delicious dish.

Baja Black Beans and Corn Over Rice

A South of the Border treat with black beans and

Baked Bean Quintet

Take five different beans and put them together and
you have a delicious baked bean dish.

Bean and Tomato Curry

Quick to make and a delicious taste.

Bean Burritos

A spicy and fast way to use up leftover ground beef.

Bean Casserole

A nice vegetarian casserole.

Beans and Franks

A quick and easy beans and franks dish.

Boston Baked Beans

A sweeter type of baked bean made famous by
Beantown, Boston.

Cajun Beans

A quick and tasty side dish.

Cajun Black Beans and Rice with 
Andouille Sausage

A spicy and so delicious taste of New Orleans.

Cajun Burritos

A different take on burritos with the spices 
of New Orleans.

Calico Bean Casserole

A lovely three bean casserole.

California Three Bean Chili

A wonderful vegetarian chili inspired by the great
state of California.

Chuckwagon Beans

A recipe to get your cowboy on.

Creole Green Beans

Delicious green beans done Louisiana style.

Crockpot Baked Beans

These slow baked beans are delicious.

Crockpot Baked Beans Times Four

Four different kinds of beans makes for a delicious

Crockpot Chili Con Carne

Easy to make chili.

Deviled Green Beans

Green beans with a bit of a bite to them.

Five Bean Casserole

A bacon and bean casserole that tastes so good.

Five Bean Chili

An easy to make chili using a crockpot.

Great Beef and Bean Burrito

A great burrito that has just enough spice but not too much.

Greek Green Beans

A version of green beans that has a hint of Greece
about them.

Green Beans Amandine

A classic green bean dish that is simple to make
and delicious.

Green Beans Casserole

If ever a recipe deserves a make over it is this one.

Green Beans with Lemon and Garlic

Lemon and beans are a very flavorful combination.

Green Beans with Mushrooms

These were made to go together.
Hearty Tex-Mex Rice & Beans A rice and vegetable casserole with a taste of the

Hoppin' John A classic Southern New Year's Day recipe.
Hot Dog Casserole A quick night meal.

Italian Baked Beans with Meatballs

A delicious casserole with beans and meatballs and
a taste of Italy to boot.

Quick Baked Beans

East to make and delicious.

Red Beans and Rice

A classic Southern recipe.

Salsa Bean Dip

A great flavored nacho dip with beans, tomatoes and

Semi Home Made Refried Beans

A way to make refried beans that taste better than the
plain canned versions.

Semi Home Made Refried Black Beans

A way to make refried beans using black beans.

Southern Baked Beans

A fairly quick and easy baked bean recipe.

Southwest Meatballs with Two 
Kinds of Beans

Sweet and tangy beans go perfectly with the onion
spiced meatballs.

Southwestern Corn and Beans

Two favorites corn and beans together with a taste of
the Southwest made in a crockpot.

Southwestern Five Beans

A delicious hot bean salad.

Spicy Bacon and Bean Burritos

Easy to make and delicious.


A traditional and delicious vegetable dish.
Tex-Mex Beef and Bean Casserole A hearty and spicy casserole.
Tomato, Corn, and Bean Burritos Easy to make and delicious.

Traditional Refried Beans

Refried beans using dried beans to start.

Traditional Refried Black Beans

Refried black beans using dried beans to start.

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