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Rice Recipes

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Arroz Rojo - Mexican Red Rice This dish uses few ingredients but done right 
gives a big taste.

Asian Ham and Rice

A delicious way to do ham with a touch of the Orient.

Baja Black Beans and Corn 
Over Rice

A South of the Border treat with black beans and corn.

Basic Rice Pilaf This is a bare bones version of Rice Pilaf which can 
be jazzed up in many ways.

Basmati Rice with Cashews 
and Mushrooms
An Indian spiced rice.

Beef and Mushroom Teriyaki 
Fried Rice

This dish came together using leftovers and staples from my pantry.
Beefy Spanish Rice The addition of ground beef makes this classic side 
dish into a delicious main dish.

Brown Rice Pilaf A great pilaf recipe using nutty brown rice.

Cajun Dirty Rice This dish is extremely popular in the deep South.
Cajun Black Beans and Rice 
with Andouille Sausage
A spicy and so delicious taste of New Orleans.
Cajun Rice A Cajun version of Spanish Rice.

Cajun Rice and Vegetables

Easy to make with things normally found in the pantry 
or freezer.

Cajun Shrimp and Rice

A classic Southern dish with a bit of Creole heat.

Cashew Rice

A touch of Indian spices jazzes up this rice dish.

Chicken and Mushrooms 
with Wild Rice
This is a delicious take on chicken and rice 
without using canned soup.

Chicken Fried Rice

Fried rice can be made in so many delicious ways.
Fried Rice Easy to make classic stir fry dish.

Gingered Rice

Easy to make, delicious, and great for upset 
Golden Rice The exotic taste of turmeric gives this rice its 
special glow.
Hearty Tex-Mex Rice and Beans A rice and vegetable casserole with a taste of the

Italian Breakfast Rice Cups

Easy to make breakfast in a muffin tin.

Italian Sausage and Rice Casserole

This is an easy to make stove top recipe.

Luscious Rice Pudding

A creamy raisin filled rice pudding that is 
so yummy!

Oriental Beef-Rice Casserole

An easy to make and great tasting casserole.

Pork Fried Rice A great use for delicious Chinese barbecued pork.

Porcupine Meatballs

The rice in the meatballs sticks out making them 
look like little porcupines.

Red Beans and Rice

A classic Southern recipe.

Rice Croquettes A tasty rice treat.

Rice Pudding with Caramelized Bananas

A luscious dessert that uses up bananas

Spanish Rice A vegetarian version of rice with a Tex-Mex flavor.
Teriyaki Fried Rice Fried rice with a sweeter teriyaki taste.

Teriyaki Rice Balls A ginger infused rice ball that is absolutely delicious.
Tex-Mex Taco Casserole A hearty and tasty casserole with the taste 
of the Southwest.

Tuna and Rice

This was the first recipe I ever gave out. It has 
always been a comfort food recipe for me.

Wild Rice with Wild Mushrooms

A dish to go wild for. A taste treat using different 

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