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Veal Recipes

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Jager Schnitzel - 
Hunter's Schnitzel
This classic German recipe features a great mushroom

Osso Buco This veal shank dish is great cold weather food.

Veal Chops in Herb Sauce

This is an easy to make dish with a wine and butter 
herb sauce.

Veal Chops in Port Cream

A delicious mushroom and wine sauce enhances these
 veal chops.

Veal Marengo

This dish was introduced to Americans by the great 
Julia Child.

Veal Marsala Marsala is a sweet wine and is perfect with the 
mushrooms in this recipe.

Veal Milanese This is a classic recipe that is really easy to make.

Veal Parmesan This has two kind of cheese and a tomato sauce.

Veal Piccata

This has a lemon and butter sauce that goes great 
with veal.

Veal Saltimbocca

This recipe hails from Italy and combines prosciutto 
and sage.

Veal Scallopini

Another classic veal recipe that is easy to make.

Wiener Schnitzel The classic of veal dishes.

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