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The Jade Stories


by Michele Elaine Wilson 2013

I am currently working on my second collection of Fantasy short stories entitled Sean and the China Doll. Sean is one of my favorite characters to write. A huge shape-shifting elf, he is an excellent Bard and would much rather sing and tell stories then do that hero stuff. Unfortunately for him, he is also an excellent swordsman and fighter so he is involved in rescues and quests a lot more then he would like. This series of stories will have a Chinese historical bent to many of them. Sean will meet a new ally in Jade who is accompanied by her Guardian Dragon. Sean doesn't know it but he has met his match in Jade. My hopes are that these stories will give women of all ages a heroine of their own. The pictures are all original art work done to illustrate the stories. I have included a brief description of the pictures. If you click on the picture or title it will bring up a larger version of the picture with my thoughts and comments on them.  If you have any questions or suggestions you can reach me at

Between Worlds

In the future stories in the series we will learn more about Princess Jade and how she came to be under the protection of the dragons. We will follow her as she goes between her worlds. We will also see how Sean's world comes to be entwined with Jade's three worlds.


This picture introduces Jade and her dragon Chung-Yeung.

Jade and Her Magical Friends

Back in her mother's Ancient China Jade takes care of a baby dragon while spending time with the Wood Kirin.

Kirin by the Sea

Jade meets a Sea Kirin when out walking one day.

The Fire Kirin

Jade meets the Fire Kirin.

Shore of Dreams

Jade and Chung-Yeung check on a Chinese ship that is ready to sail.

At the Oak Tree

Jade goes back and forth between Ancient China and the world of her Grandfather.

Eastern Palace

Jade's grandfather loves to make sure his favorite grandchild is dressed in beautiful clothes.

In the Courtyard

Jade is visiting her very powerful grandfather.

Early Morning Walk

Jade and Chung-Yeung talk a walk while visiting her Mother.

Friends Forever

Jade at her Grandfather's Palace with her best friend and Guardian Chung-Yeung.

Jade's Dragon

Jade and Chung-Yeung enjoy a rare moment of relaxation.

Greeting the Sun

Jade loves to dance and Chung-Yeung joins her.

The Phoenix

Jade and the phoenix have become good friends.


One of Jade's responsibilities is to help teach the baby dragons.

Neck Warmer

The baby dragons just love to be held.

Crisp Autumn Day


Jade loves to care for the baby dragons.

Jade and the Year of the Dragon

Jade takes her responsibility as a Dragon King's Daughter very seriously.

Music for My Lady

Sean is a Bard and entertains Jade when she visits his home world. 

Rose Jade

Jade made quite an impression on the inhabitants of Sean's home world of Caledonia.

Royal Princess

Chung-Yeung keeps an eye on Jade while she is visiting the White Mage.


Jade walks under magical skies with a baby dragon, a Kirin and the phoenix.

Oriental Fantasy Christmas

Jade has an affinity for magical creatures.

The Explosive Sky

Jade's travels take her to many different worlds.

Best Seat in the House

Jade and Chung-Yeung love fireworks.

Walk Through Wonderland

Jade has made friends with the Kirin.

Walking Through Clouds

Jade has the ability to cross interfaces in order to go from Dragon World to her own.

She's Safe

Chung-Yeung makes sure that Jade is safe at all times.

Dance Partners

Jade loves to dance and the dragons love dancing with her.

Winter Sky

Jade with one of her baby dragons.

Jade and White Cloud

Jade just loves her horse White Cloud.

Safe in the Storm

Jade doesn't need to fear any storm with Chung-Yeung guarding her.

Let Them Fly

Princess Jasmine takes one of the youn dragons out so it can fly.

Autumn Sunset

Princess Jasmine takes a walk with the beautiful kirin.

Behold the Moon

Princess Jasmine greets the full moon.

Flying Free

Princess Jasmine has the power to fly.

Looking for Crystals

Princess Jade helps Queen Niri find new life crystals.


Princess Jasmine controls the element of fire.

The Spell

Princess Jasmine is one of the Dragon King's Daughters and can command the dragons help.

Big Sister

Jade is very close to her big sister Princess Jasmine.

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