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The Jade Stories


by Michele Elaine Wilson 2012

I am currently working on my second collection of Fantasy short stories entitled Sean and the China Doll. Sean is one of my favorite characters to write. A huge shape-shifting elf, he is an excellent Bard and would much rather sing and tell stories then do that hero stuff. Unfortunately for him, he is also an excellent swordsman and fighter so he is involved in rescues and quests a lot more then he would like. This series of stories will have a Chinese historical bent to many of them. Sean will meet a new ally in Jade who is accompanied by her Guardian Dragon. Sean doesn't know it but he has met his match in Jade. My hopes are that these stories will give women of all ages a heroine of their own. The pictures are all original art work done to illustrate the stories. I have included a brief description of the pictures. If you click on the picture or title it will bring up a larger version of the picture with my thoughts and comments on them.  If you have any questions or suggestions you can reach me at

Study in Black

In the second story of the series we will follow Jade, Sean, and Brendan as they frantically try and find a person who may be planning a major coup to help the Dark One. Sean will find that Jade's sister Princess Jasmine has a special magic of her own.

Into Battle

Jade and Brendan have to fight their way out of a very dangerous situation.

Warrior Princess

When your father happens to be one of the Dragon Kings you learn how to be a warrior even if you are a princess.

Checking Her Out

Queen Niri hosts the conference for the allies and checks out the lady who has two of her sons enthralled.

Escorting the Princess

The White Mage uses the occasion of his daughter's wedding to bring allies together. Sean escorts Jade to that meeting.

The White Mage Meets Princess Jade

The White Mage uses the occasion of his daughter's wedding to gather allies and meets the Princess Jade for the first time.


Chung-Yeung saves Jade from an explosion.

Dragon Rider

Chung-Yeung will allow Jade to ride him. It is a rare privilege.


Jade and Sean search a modern world for the man who is manipulating time.

Study in Black

Jade with the help of one of the dragons investigates a mysterious stranger who may be up to evil.

Mystery Cave

Jade explores a mysterious cave.

Dragon King's Daughter

Sean discovers that Jade has an older half-sister called Princess Jasmine.

Caring for a Baby

Princess Jasmine helps to raise the baby dragons on Dragon World.

Beauty by Starlight

When Sean meets Princess Jasmine his life gets turned upside down.

Sisters: The Dragon King's Daughters

Jasmine agrees to help her little sister.

In the Garden

One of Jasmine's favorite places to be is the garden.

The Angry Sky

Jasmine checks out an alien world.

The Wizard's Door

The Wizard Benedict guards a portal that is used by both Sean and Jade.


Jade doesn't need a bridle or saddle to ride her horse White Cloud.

First Meeting

Sean is about to find out that Princess Jade isn't the only Dragon King's Daughter.

Water Demon

This demon is about to find out that you don't mess with a Dragon King's Daughter.

Nightmare Entrance

Sean and Jade are going to need help getting past a Fire Sphinx.

Don't Mess With Me

Sean is finding that his lady love is one powerful sorceress.

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