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I have been doing computer graphic art since 1998. You will find my totally revamped art gallery here. There are also a few scanned pictures of some of my earlier non computer work.

Art for sale at Unique 3D Art by Michele.

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I don't want to suggest that they rule the house but the cats insist that they must have their own Web Pages.

CJ's Great Adventure

I took a cross country trip from North Carolina to California and back. Captain Jack Fl'obble accompanied me. This is the story of our trip to get my brother and move him out here and at the same time promoting the great work of RACPA-UK.  All aboard!


I am expanding my crafts to provide some unique and totally one of a kind items. Here you can find my adorable sock monkeys and yarn octopi.

I now have a line of super soft and elegant scarves to brighten up you wardrobe.  

Sock Monkeys for sale at Unique Sock Monkeys by Michele

Yarn Octopus for sale at Unique Octopi by Michele

Scarves for sale at Unique Scarves by Michele

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Mom & Dad & Mike

Dad was a person who definitely marched to his own drummer.  Here are some pictures and a short tribute to a much loved man.  He is sorely missed.

Mom has now joined Dad. Here are some pictures of a remarkable woman. She is sorely missed.

We lost my oldest brother Mike in 2012. Here are some pictures of a much loved man. He is sorely missed.

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Favorite Places

These are sites that I enjoy including some from family and friends.


I recently got back into making jewelry. I do sell my work.

Jewelry for sale at Unique Jewelry by Michele.


I received a new toy in the form of a Cannon Rebel XS EOS 1000D digital camera. I have been very impressed with it. These are some of the photographs that  I have taken.

Photographs for sale at Unique 3D Art and Photographs by Michele.

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I have been writing poetry for many years.  I have included some of my favorites as well as some that my family and friends love. Any musician that would be interested in putting my words to music may contact me at .

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I love to cook.  Here are some of my original recipes, including the beef stew recipe that prompted a long distance call when a friend lost the recipe.

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Short Stories

I have been writing for years.  Lately I have started on a series of fantasy short stories.  They star Sean, a shape-shifting elf, who would rather be a bard then a hero.  He has to settle for both. I also have some stories that aren't Sean's Stories.

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What's New

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