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Michele's Short Stories


by Michele Elaine Wilson 2015

I am currently working on a collection of Fantasy short stories entitled Sean's Stories. Sean is one of my favorite characters to write. A huge shape-shifting elf, he is an excellent Bard and would much rather sing and tell stories then do that hero stuff. Unfortunately for him, he is also an excellent swordsman and fighter so he is involved in rescues and quests a lot more then he would like. If you click on the pictures or title below you will get the full text of the stories. The pictures are all original art work done to illustrate the stories. I hope you enjoy them.  The stories are listed in the order they were written with the oldest being The Dragon and the Lake.  Please note that all stories are copyright by the author.  Please respect my work and note that usage, duplication, or distribution is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from the artist.  You can reach me at

Sean's Stories

The Dragon and the Lake

by Michele Elaine Wilson 1996

Sean finds himself mistaken for a dragon slayer and has to rescue a fair damsel and save the dragon.

Diamonds Like Teardrops Fall

by Michele Elaine Wilson 1997

Sean comes to the aid of an old friend and tries to rescue the Prince from the trolls.

Pot of Gold

by Michele Elaine Wilson 1997

Sean discovers that it isn't easy trying to retrieve something from a leprechaun.

Fire in the Sky

by Michele Elaine Wilson 1999

Sean tells the story of a battle between the forces of good and evil.

Sometimes When It Rains

by Michele Elaine Wilson 1999

Sean battles an evil sorcerer to try and save the woman he loves.

The Forgotten Ones

by Michele Elaine Wilson 1999

Sean searches for a super race that doesn't want to be found.

Heart of Darkness

by Michele Elaine Wilson 1999

Sean searches for an agent of the Dark One.

Mirror Image

by Michele Elaine Wilson 2000


Sean's search for a lost friend leads to a sword battle with himself.

The Shard

by Michele Elaine Wilson 2003

Sean needs some powerful help to recover a precious artifact.

Into the Darklands

by Michele Elaine Wilson 2004

Sean needs to enter the heart of the Dark One's lair to rescue the White Mage.

Blood is Thicker Than Water

by Michele Elaine Wilson 2004

Sean's quest for information for both the White Mage and the Queen turns deadly.

Crystal Reflections

by Michele Elaine Wilson 2005

Sean is sent on a quest along with some family and friends to find some beings to help in the battle against the Dark One.

Phoenix Rising

by Michele Elaine Wilson 2005

The disappearance of one of the primal magical beings brings some of the strongest practitioners of  white magic to Sean's aid.


by Michele Elaine Wilson 2006


Sean and Brendan are sent to check out an ancient stone circle and an old ally who may have a traitor in their midst.

Hero's Lament

by Michele Elaine Wilson 2007


Sean and Brendan need to save an ally from invasion and a traitor.

The World of Sean's Stories

by Michele Elaine Wilson 2015

I have taken all of the previous Sean's Stories and put them together in a single novel.

Sean and the China Doll

Aurora's World

by Michele Elaine Wilson 2012

Sean meets the Princess Jade as the race to save a planet from destruction.

Other Stories

A Modern Fairy Tale

by Michele Elaine Wilson 1999

Even though Sean is the narrator of this story, it isn't really a Sean's Story.  Any resemblance to persons living or dead in this story is pure coincidence and  if you buy that maybe you would like to buy this bridge I have for sale.

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