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Michele's Poetry

For many years poetry has been an integral part of my life.  I was in college when I first discovered that there were a lot people who loved my poems.  Since that time I have tried to share my poetry with as many people as I can.  All poetry is original and copyright to the author.  My poetry is very special to me.  Please respect my work and note that usage, duplication or distribution is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from the artist.  Click on either the picture or poem title to read the poem.   Any musician interested in putting my poetry to music please contact me. I would love to work with you. You can reach me at

Cage was an unusual poem where the last line came to me first and then I wrote the rest of the poem.

 Castles Made of Sand was one of those poems that just flowed from my pen.   The picture illustrating the poem is an original piece of art that I did using Bryce 3D. 

Celestial Dance sprang from my love of outer space.  I have always been an astronomy buff and the image of dancing planets was fun to work with.

Dark Red Wine was inspired by a romantic dinner.

Deep Inside of Me came to me as I was preparing a new booklet to put my poetry in. I had filled a fifty page booklet with my poems and needed to start a second one.  The title of the new booklet came and a couple of hours later I knew why the booklet wanted this title.

Gone Too Soon was written shortly after the death of actor Brandon Lee.  It was his death, and the death of a close friend, that inspired this poem.

Happy New Year came to me as I finished the picture. It expresses my dreams for the upcoming year.

I Can Dream came to me as I was wondering how I am going to get my poetry and stories and art out for people to enjoy.

I Will Remember was written for anyone who has lost a father or grandfather.

The Love in Your Smile was inspired by memories of my Irish Grandfather, Hiram Hughes. This picture was taken of the two of us when I was seven years old. He passed away about a year later and I still miss him. He was a wonderful, happy, loving man.

Missing You grew out of a trip across the country by auto while listening to tapes by Justin Hayward and the Moody Blues and Elton John.  I have always loved the ocean.

A New Star in the Sky was written shortly after 9/11/2001. It was inspired by those tragic events and also by my father's death in 1999.

Night in Sarajevo came from the pictures of war in the former Yugoslavia.

Ninja Kitty was originally written about my cat Sasha.  However,  Merlin, really gave him a run for his money in the ninja kitty department.  But I think it typifies all mischievous kittens everywhere.

On the Edge of a Dream actually started with the picture.  A couple days after finishing the picture the poem came to me.  It broke a writer's block that had lasted an entire year.

One More Song to Sing was written about the AIDS epidemic. Like many other people, I have lost friends to this terrible disease.

Ordinary Man was inspired in part by my Aunt Bird who in her 90s is still doing volunteer work.  I have always admired those people, who despite limited financial means, have tried to help others less fortunate then themselves.

Pay the Piper is a phrase that has always fascinated me.  The poem reflects the feelings that I experience, sometimes, when I am writing.

The Queen of Hearts was written as a tribute to Princess Diana and her attempts to make the world a better place to live in.

Reflections of a Clown started with the phrase "riding the carousel horse to the moon". I have always enjoyed clowns and circuses and this poem is an extension of that love. 

When I See You Again was written many years ago for my Grandmother Hughes. She had just lost her only remaining sibling. She loved the poem and said it helped her feel better.

Where Do Butterflies Go was written at the request of my mother. She was a Teacher's Aide for a fifth grade class and was teaching them poetry. She asked me to write a poem on where butterflies go when it rains.

The Wise Old Sage and the Rose is one of those poems that I have no idea where it came from.  I had a mental image of an old man holding a paper rose and the poem took off from there.

With You Still always sounds like a waltz melody to me.


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