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I recently got back into making jewelry. My jewelry is for sale. You can reach me at

The jewelry for sale can be found here.


The pendant has raised stones in yellows and reds in an off white background. I have paired it with flat wooden beads in the same colors.

 This necklace was made from different style and textured wooden beads. 

I have always loved silver and turquoise together. This is a complete set with necklace, bracelet and earrings.

I fell in love with the pendant for this necklace. I matched the colors of the flowers with the pearls and added simple earrings to go with it.

This was a special gift for my niece. My mother passed away a few months ago and left me all her jewelry. There were several pins with broken backs so I turned them into one of a kind necklaces for family members.

I loved the pendant and decided to compliment it by using irregular shaped stones.

The large crystal heart inspired me to use large purple and white stones to create a dramatic look.

The delicate pink floral designed pendant seemed to cry out for the delicate pink pearls.

The same pendant as above but this time I paired it with brighter pink pearls mixed with silver and white.

The delicate carved floral white heart pendant paired beautifully with the natural shaped pearls.

I like trying things that are new. Here I took an antique gold colored chain to match the pendant but jazzed it up with amber beads to give the necklace a different look.

When the other earring got lost I decided to go ahead and turn this into a necklace. This was my first time trying the double chain plus necklace look and I liked the way it came out.

This was another broken pin from my Mom's jewelry box that I turned into a necklace. It makes me feel that a part of her is still with me when I wear it.

Young people seem to love charm bracelets as much today as I did when I was a child.

This bracelet is made out of wooden beads and seashells for a natural look.

Large beads never seem to go out of style which is why I used them with this blue pendant.

Purple is one of my favorite colors which is why I had to snatch up these beads when I saw them and create an ensemble with them.

I try to keep open to all possibilities when I create and I had these teddy bears left over form Christmas wrapping a few years ago and realized they would make a really cute jewelry set.

I decided to use and amber theme with this mustard and silver colored pendant and matching earrings.

The pin came from my Mom's jewelry. I used simple turquoise beads interspersed with gold to turn this into a necklace.

I wanted an all natural look here and decided to do the full set out of seashells and wooden beads.

I used different colored glass beads interspersed with silver ornate ones for this simple bracelet.

The black pendant with the silver flowers goes nicely with the ornate black and silver beads.

This double strand bracelet is in different shaped beads in black and white.

I used some fancy blue, green and gold accented beads for this simple bracelet.

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