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The Jade Stories


by Michele Elaine Wilson 2013

I am currently working on my second collection of Fantasy short stories entitled Sean and the China Doll. Sean is one of my favorite characters to write. A huge shape-shifting elf, he is an excellent Bard and would much rather sing and tell stories then do that hero stuff. Unfortunately for him, he is also an excellent swordsman and fighter so he is involved in rescues and quests a lot more then he would like. This series of stories will have a Chinese historical bent to many of them. Sean will meet a new ally in Jade who is accompanied by her Guardian Dragon. Sean doesn't know it but he has met his match in Jade. My hopes are that these stories will give women of all ages a heroine of their own. The pictures are all original art work done to illustrate the stories. I have included a brief description of the pictures. If you click on the picture or title it will bring up a larger version of the picture with my thoughts and comments on them.  If you have any questions or suggestions you can reach me at

Aurora's World

I have just finished the first story of the new series. In this story Sean meets Jade for the first time. They travel to the planet known as Aurora's World. There they must race to try and find the solution to avert the total destruction of the planet due to the sun being tampered with and ready to explode. They are facing a time crunch and an unbelievably viscous and callous enemy. These pictures are illustrations from that story. You can find the completed story here.

Unexpected Help

Sean's introduction to Princess Jade and Chung-Yeung comes as a shock.

Heading to Safety

Sean has no choice but to follow the Princess if he wishes to stay alive.

In the Garden

Sean meets Jade in the garden of her grandfather's estate.

Starting Out

Sean finds out that his new companion is full of surprises as they start out on their first adventure.

Aurora's World

The world they travel too is technologically advanced but the society itself is very restrictive.


Aurora has been the leader of this world ever since it was colonized. She sends for help and Sean and Jade will discover she is full of surprises.

Observing the Spaceport

Sean and Jade arrive in Aurora's World and look over the spaceport.

In the Spaceport

Sean and Jade try to blend in with the people of Aurora's World.

Standing Guard

Jade and Chung-Yeung keep guard letting Sean shape shift into an eagle.

Dolphin World

Sean and Jade soon realize that they are going to need help and it comes from a surprising source. 

Jade Mermaid

Sean discovers that his new companion has many talents as they try and save a world from a  catastrophe.

Riding Towards the Sun

It will take the unique talents of Sean, Jade and her dragon Chung-Yeung to succeed in this quest.

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