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Favorite Places

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Clockwise: Jerry, Reid, Michael, Eric & Michele Wilson.  Just your typical average family.

Here are some links to family and friends and other interesting places.  I'll be adding more fun sites as I come across them.

I have my own blog on the web and sometimes I even remember to write in it. It is called Visions Inside My Mind.
Eric Wilson is one of my brothers. He has a second degree black belt in hapkido. He is an artist and also a writer. He has his own blog now and has moved  to Texas.
Bruce Lane is a long time friend who was in charge of all our equipment at my convention called Unicon.  He has a wonderful technoid page for those people who can grasp more about computers then "point and click". He is also the owner of "Blue Feather Technologies".

Being an artist myself I like to support other artists. These are some of my favorite artists and web sites.

Frank Lurz is a wonderful artist and I love his space pictures.
Renderosity is a great place for artists. Another terrific place is the 3D Commune.

Being the only girl among four brothers and a sports nut for a Dad I was quite a tomboy. I love sports.

I am a great fan of American football and my hero is San Francisco's greatest quarterback of all times, Joe Montana.
I've lived in the Chicago area and am a Chicago Cubs fan.

I have a very eclectic taste when it comes to entertainment. Here are some of my favorites.

One of my favorite entertainers is a crazy Irishman names Seamus Kennedy. I listened to his hilarious recordings while doing this website.
Writer/Sociologist Andrew W. Greeley has long been a favorite of mine.
For all you Doctor Who fans the place for all the latest information is over at Gallifrey
The best place to meet real Prisoner fans is over in the Village. The nicest Prisoner fans have come over to here.

I love to cook. Here are some great cooking sites.

Epicurious has some great recipes.
Another great place to get recipes is at the google of recipes at mass recipes..

And a couple more interesting sites I visit.

My favorite spot for news is at The Daily Kos. Of course you do need to be of a liberal frame of mind for this site.
And for anyone who has lost a beloved pet check out The Rainbow Bridge.