Dark Red Wine

Dark red wine reflecting the glow
Of the face of the one I love,
And the wineís sparkling color
Makes jewels of the lights above.
As your eyes shine softly on me
I can not help but know
The happiness that dwells inside
And makes my heart beat so.

I donít have to tell you
The love I feel inside,
Like the wine upon our tongues
There is nowhere it can hide.
As we hitch our love to the star
That will take us for a ride
Into the depths of passion
And then raise us to the sky.

The wine is warm and mellow
Like a love thatís meant to be,
And the feelings that we share
Have captured you and me.
The wine glows like our hearts
That are beating like a drum.
We will never be apart.
Our hearts will beat as one.

The wine glows like a ruby
A jewel we should treasure,
And our hearts so full of love
Are beyond what we can measure.
For now this is our time
With a love that was meant to be.
We explore with body and mind
The love that sets us free.

Poem by Michele Elaine Wilson © 2002

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