Sock Monkeys


Welcome to Unique Sock Monkeys by Michele. Here you will find totally unique sock monkeys. These are hand made and every one is different. Currently these are samples of how the monkeys can be made for different occasions. I will soon be adding the ones that are for sale. You can contact me with requests for colors etc. and I will custom make them for you. The price is $35.00. The prices include all taxes and first class delivery. Contact me at:

Baby's First Sock Monkey

This was a custom order for a friend who wanted to give a unique gift for a newborn baby girl. The eyes are felt rather than buttons to make it safe.



My brother wanted a 60s psychedelic sock monkey. She is definitely bright.

Easter Sock Monkeys
These are the ultimate in silly. These were a special order for the Easter season.


St. Patrick's Day Sock Monkeys

When the holidays come around the stores frequently have themed socks for the occasions. These are my Irish Sock Monkeys.



This sock monkey shows the different things that can be done to personalize and make each one unique.


Birthday Surprise

This was a birthday gift for a dear friend.


Uncle Sam

My brother wanted a sock monkey to celebrate the Fourth of July.

These are the sock monkeys that are for sale.


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