The Seasons

These pictures take place on Earth during one of the four seasons. Click on either the picture or the name to see a larger version of the picture. You will find my thoughts or the story behind each picture on the individual pages.


Easter Egg Delivery in the Midwest


Waiting for Spring 


Spring Flowers


Guardian of Spring


Enjoying Spring


Midwest First Day of Spring


Spring Equinox






Guardian of Autumn


Autumn Barnyard


Autumn Day


Autumn Equinox


Autumn Harvest


Autumn Leaves


Autumn Nap


Crisp Autumn Day


Last Days of Autumn


Moon Over Autumn Leaves


Autumn Sunset


Autumn Skies



Guardian of Winter


Birches in Snow


Chicago Winter Dreams


Let It Snow


Trees of Winter


Winter Sky


Winter Storm


Winter Walk


Winter Wonderland


Hazy Shade of Winter


Winter Solstice




Guardian of Summer


Fun in the Sun


Hawaiian Summer Morning


Summer Picnic


Summer Wine


Summer Solstice


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