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The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts has gone away
Leaving an ache that will always stay.
But even though now she is gone
Her beauty and grace will always live on.
Remember when she took his hand?
She taught the world to understand
That the dying still need our love,
And you can't get AIDS from a hug.

Her heart went out to those in need.
She showed us all in words and deeds,
That every man is our brother
And we must always help each other.
She cradled the babies in her arms
Trying to save them from all harm.
She loved the children, every one.
She loved them like she loved her sons.

She could have stayed with the rich only,
But her heart was drawn to the lonely.
Some questioned what she had to gain
Being around people in pain.
But with her heart worn on her sleeve
She had to help those in need.
And the lives of those she touched
Will remember her, always, as magical.

She braved the fields strewn with mines
To teach the world that it was time
To put away the weapons of war,
So the innocent would suffer no more.
She had comforted those who had been lamed
And asked the nations to be more sane.
She tried to awake the world's conscience
To care for all of those who she touched.

She reached out to the sick and dying.
She tried to comfort those who were crying.
The people who were needy and poor,
She gave her love and then she gave more.
She knew some only saw the dresses
So she sold them with great success,
In the hopes that there soon would come a day

When the world would see the last of AIDS.

Our lives were blest because of her,
And the funds she raised for illness' cure
Will continue to help those she loved,
As she watches us from above.
She is safe in God's embrace,
And we remember the smile that lit her face.
Now without her we must do our part
To spread the love of the Queen of Hearts.

Poem by Michele Elaine Wilson 1997

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