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Ninja Kitty

Just when you think you're safe
There is no one in sight.
The path is straight and clear.
There's nowhere he can hide.
You boldly take a step
And suddenly you find
He magically appears
In your feet entwined.

Where did he come from?
Where did he hide?
You never saw him coming.
But suddenly he's here.
He must be a Ninja kitty.
A master of stealth.
He knows how to appear
Out of thin air.

You're walking by the bed
With clothes to put away
When suddenly you feel
Your ankle giving way.
A cat has just attacked you
And paws around your ankle wind
But he was asleep in the next room
He can't be here in time.

The Ninja kitty looks up at you
With mischief in his eyes.
You just shake your head and smile
And go on with a sigh.
He will appear out of nowhere
And give you quite a start
But the little mischief maker
Has found a place in your heart.

by Michele Elaine Wilson 1997

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