A New Star in the Sky

I miss you more then I can say.
Why did God take you away?
Thereís so much I want to tell you.
Iíve more love I need to give you.
For you brightened up my day
With the love you sent my way.

Who will share my dreams now?
No oneís there to teach me how
To make each day a joy to live,
To show me how myself to give.
Who will be my teacher now?
So I can be the best I know how?

Once I heard a little child say,
"My Grandpa he has gone away.
But God saw his shinning soul
And knew that we still need him so.
He took that light like it was clay
And formed a star to light our way."

When I look at the star filled sky
I feel a peace and by and by,
I know that you look down on me.
As that peace embraces me
I know your love will never die
As long as stars shine in the sky.

by Michele Elaine Wilson © 2002

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