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Ordinary Man

He didn't want to be a hero.
He had no use for a big brass band.
All he wanted in his life
Was to be an ordinary man.
He couldn't understand the fuss
Of those who grabbed his hand.
How could he be their hero
For just doing the best he can?

He could never see a child cry
Without wanting to stop their tears.
He tried to shield their bodies
And keep pain from coming near.
He sat with those who were dying
And listened to their fears.
He tried to give them comfort
And show them that someone cared.

He hadn't a lot of money
But he gave all that he could,
So that those who had no hope
Could at least have some food.
He never thought of his reward
As he tried to do some good.
He thought his life would be wasted
Unless he lived it as he should.

He was only one man
With his heart worn on his sleeve.
"You should always help each other."
That was what he did believe.
And if in his small way
He could help a man in need.
He could teach someone to love,
Not in words but in deeds.

But when some people said
"You're a hero through and through.
With all of those you've helped
In all the things you do."
He could not understand
Why they should be so moved
As to call him a hero
For doing what he had to do.

He listened to all their speeches
And stood with their award,
And as soon as he could manage
He headed for the door.
"I have no need of praise
For my spirit is not poor,
And the smile of one who needs me
Is all I need for a reward."

He is a quiet man
With a love he can not hide.
He couldn't be their hero.
He didn't have that much pride.
He is an ordinary man.
You can find him at the side
Of someone in hurt and pain
As he shares the love inside.

Poem by Michele Elaine Wilson 1997

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