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Missing You

As the waves kiss the shore
And the tides caress the sea,
I walk the sands alone
Wishing you were by my side.
The ocean's roar is calling
And echoes my heart's cry.
I am here missing you.
Are you there missing me?

The waves enclose the stones
Like your arms encircled me.
I can still feel your lips
As they gently kissed mine,
And I walk along the shore
With the ocean's salty brine
Lapping at my feet like a lover's kiss.

The seagulls overhead
As free as they can be,
Call loudly out to all
Both here and across the sea.
I watch them as they fly
And I wish that I could be
Free to fly away,
Straight into your arms.

The pounding of the surf
Echoes the beating of my heart.
The salty ocean spray
Mirrors tears I try to hide;
I want to tell the wind
That only a shell remains.
Like a seashell on the beach,
My heart has flown away.

The waves may crash and roar
And the tides rush to the sea.
The lonely beach may stretch
As far as I can see.
But in my heart I know
A love was meant to be,
For I am here missing you,
And I know you're missing me.

by Michele Elaine Wilson 1997

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