Science Fiction, Fantasy and Media

I have been a huge fan of science fiction/fantasy all my life. These pictures explore that love including tributes to some favorite television shows in that genre. 

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Elves, Dragons, Unicorns, Oh My

These pictures have lots of dragons, and unicorns, and elves. Some pictures take 
place in a fantasy setting, including my 
short story series
called Sean Stories 
which takes place in a world I named Caledonia.


Myths & Legends

These pictures were inspired by classic mythology or legends.




Princess Gallery

These pictures all have various princesses in them from here on earth and from the worlds of fantasy.



Doctor Who

I am a long time Whovian and these
pictures show that love of that classic
British television show Doctor Who.

The Prisoner

Patrick McGoohan's classic drama
The Prisoner
is one of my favorite
television shows. These pictures were 
inspired by that show.




Stargate is one of my favorites of the new wave of Science Fiction television. These pictures were inspired by that show.



Guardian Series

These pictures were done as a series and 
are  tied together by the dragon in semi-transparent colors and the rainbows.



The Jade Stories

I am starting on my second book called Sean and the China Doll. It will continue the stories of my heroic elf Sean from the Sean Stories. In these stories Sean will have a new ally in Jade who is accompanied by her Guardian Dragon.


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