Jack Lloyd Wilson & Mary Jane Wilson

Michael Wilson

Jack Lloyd Wilson:  January 30, 1919 - May 4, 1999

Mary Jane Wilson:  July 6, 1926 - May 26, 2010

Michael Eugene Wilson: December 3, 1946 - August 29, 2012

Dad touched so many lives in his 80 years and he was loved by many.  He was the rock that anchored our family and we all miss him terribly.  He was an unique individual and one year we got him his own star.  Up in the heavens there is a star named the General Jack L. Wilson and like that star Dad is looking down on us from above.  We love you Daddy.

Mom touched many lives in her 83 years. She was the ultimate mother. She loved her family above all things. She was our heart and we will miss her dearly. We love you Mommy.

Mike touched a lot of lives in his 65 years. He was a proud veteran serving two tours of duty in Vietnam. We miss you Mike.

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Mother and Dad on their 49th wedding anniversary.

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Dad and Michele at brother Jerry's wedding.

Dad's mother Gertrude was a French horn player in a circus band.

Mother and Dad's wedding picture.

Dad won many awards in his life.

Mother and Dad at their fiftieth wedding anniversary party with their five children. From left Eric, Jerry, Mike, Reid, Dad, Mother, and Michele.

Mother and Dad with their only grandchild Bernadette.

Four generations: Mother and Dad with their son Michael, Michael's daughter Bernadette, and Bernadette's daughter Kayla and son Tristen.

Dad loved Mom's family gatherings. He always beat her relatives at cards.

Dad really enjoyed his John Deere riding mower.

Mom and me at my wedding.

Dad always carried this picture of mother in his wallet.

Mom's parents Hiram and Una Mae Hughes.

Mother holding me as a baby.

Mike with Dad between tours of duty in Vietnam.

Mike with Mom between tours of duty in Vietnam.

Mike with his daughter, son-in-law, and two of his three grandchildren.

Mike was so proud of being a member of Knights of Columbus.


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