Celestial Dance

They danced with the moon.
They danced with the stars.
They danced the night away.
The dreams that they dreamed
Encircled the world
And greeted the new day.

They danced with Venus
The beautiful planet of love.
They danced as the clouds
Swirled in time up above.
Then they danced with Mercury
And played tag with the sun.

They danced with Mars
And underneath the red sky,
They greeted the Martians
As they floated by.
Then they danced in time
To the comet that went by.

They danced with Jupiter
The giant of the skies,
And its moons circled above
As they spun and danced by.
And their laughter and dancing
Brightened the dark spot's eye.

They danced with Saturn
Skipping along its rings,
And with gay abandon
They made the rings sing.
And Saturn's rings kept time
As the dancers waltzed by.

They danced and they danced
Under celestial skies,
And the stars and the planets
Saluted as they passed by;
And bright as the sun
Was the love they shared with the sky.

Poem and art work by Michele Elaine Wilson 1997

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