Once I was free to fly,
To soar and dive,
Through crystal skies
And chatter with the magpies.
I flew far and wide.
I played seek and hide
I had fun outside
With friends always at my side.

I need to soar to live.
I need new sights and sounds.
I want all that life can give
With people all around.
My mind is always searching
I'm full of curiosity.
My soul is always yearning
To see all that I can see.

There are friends I haven't met.
There is beauty I need to see.
There are experiences I need to get
That will help me to be me.
I need to live my life
As I was meant to be
Free from all the strife
Of a cage surrounding me.

I can share it all with you
You can experience life with me.
You are free to soar too
And see all that I can see.
But if you clip my wings
Then you will see why
A caged bird can not sing
A caged bird can only cry.

by Michele Elaine Wilson 1997

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