Office, Computer Room, Craft Room

I turned the huge Master Bedroom into my office, computer room, and crafts room. I'll be spending a lot of time in here so I wanted it to be a lot of fun.


I put a lot of the decorative items here. Some are mine but most are Mom and Dad's.



Two of the things Mike was proudest of was being an Army veteran and a member of Knights of Columbus. The sweater is from his Army days and the sword is his Knights of Columbus sword.

Mike was a huge Indianapolis Colts fan. I had the Knights of Columbus L'arpie made for him. It was to be his Christmas present.


I put two bookcases back to back. This one has some corsages and mementoes of Mom and Dad.


I couldn't cope with making another bookcase so I got a 4 shelf chrome stand. It left me two shelves free to put all the photographs from my and Mom and Dad's houses.

Dad made the dictionary stand. I always loved it and wanted it with me when I moved.



Dad had the Wilson plaque and Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson up in his office. I got the old fashioned lady thimbles for Mom many years ago from Avon. She had them in the kitchen.


I couldn't have an office without a lot of Marvin the Martian things. The drawing on black paper was a Christmas gift from my artistic grandnephew Tristen.





This is Marvin my work horse computer.



This was my Dad's desk. He bought it right after he got out of the Army/Air Force. It was the desk he studied at on the G.I. Bill right after World War II.

I got the poster of the Desiderata when I got out of college. A friend did the drawing for me.


Marvin warning someone that they are making him very, very angry.


I don't have a land line but the Enterprise phone is a working phone. I thought it would be a good place for my little dragon.



This is Ruby my art and Internet computer. My mother bought her for me when my old art computer died. When I told her that it was being custom built and would cost $1,000.00 she told me that she had bought two computers for my brother and she was buying this one for me.

The chair belonged to my Mom. She was so skinny that she had to put more padding on the chair.

The new home of the Joe Montana shrine. The file cabinet belonged to my Dad.


The pictures are by my friend Melody Rondeau.


Even though it looks old fashioned this unit actually plays LPs, CDs, and tapes. The tenth Doctor L'arpie was my gift to myself. I got the talking TARDIS bank for Christmas one year. I had my brother give me all his pennies and cracked Mom up as I kept feeding pennies into it so it would talk.

More toys. I added a couple new ones that Mom had put away. I found the duck in my Dad's closet. My Aunt Bird made it. It is to stop drafts.


I'll say this for my family they are very good at getting me toys and Marvin the Martian things.



One year we got together and bought my Dad his own star. He was absolutely thrilled. The flag was from my Dad's burial. He earned the medals during World War II.

I have so many stuffed animals that they need to get real cozy with each other.

These are some of my earlier art pieces. I did the sunset at sea for my Dad. He loved it. One of my favorite teddy bears is the Spock one.

As a graphic artist with three computer I use a lot of computer supplies.


I keep hoping that my Cubs bear and I can celebrate a World Series win but so far it hasn't happened. Hope springs eternal in the hearts of Chicago Cub's fans.



I wanted to try my hand at needlepoint. My Mom fell in love with these so I got the whole set and did them for her. They were displayed around her grandfather's clock.

Mom loved stitchery. I saw this old fashioned set and bought it and made it for her.

Mom put these around the mirror of her dresser.


I saw the sheep and had to get it and make it for my Dad. He loved it and displayed it prominently in his office.

When I ran out of walls I put things in the middle of the room. This is resting on a Pfaff sewing machine that my Dad taught me to sew on. My Aunt Bird made the afghan and Mom and Dad had it on their bed. Everything is a memento of Mom and Dad. The vase was from their first anniversary and had red roses in it.

Mom and Dad made it to their 50th wedding anniversary.





This display sits on a sewing machine that my Aunt Whee left me in her will. I made all my college clothes on this machine. Dad loved sailing ships and antique cars and these came from his office.