Living Room and Hallway

My front door looks like the TARDIS from Doctor Who.

The Living Room is a fairly good size.



I found the perfect curtains at a thrift shop.





Mom and Dad had the small stool in their living room. I decided that Marvin needed a boost from the floor so that people could see him and K-9 better. I found the barometer in a closet of my Dad's room.

The couch has a hide-a-bed sofa. I love throw pillows. I put a red slip cover over the couch to blend with the red bookcases. I crocheted the afghan. It is one gigantic granny square. The pillows on the top are "Pillow Pets." Merlin loves the couch. I got the coffee table many years ago. It is decorated for the seasons.



I use chrome shelf units a lot in my place. This end table holds one of my dragons, a lotus blossom fountain, and a scented wax holder.


Both Mom and I collected decorated tin boxes. The glass bottle was Dad's. I also keep my wax scents here.


The other end table has my Buddha fountain and a Celtic cross candle holder. I found the Clydesdale sculpture in my Dad's closet. It was never taken out of the box.

The stamped tin box I got at an antiques show and it has a great Chinese dragon on it. The dish set celebrates the Year of the Tiger. The unicorn basket is actually an Easter basket but I use it year round.

Mom and Dad had these metallic black velvet pictures in the family room.

I did this "Oriental Songbird" series many years ago.


The back wall is what I call my Oriental fantasy section. The two coats on the ends are actually wine bottle covers that my grandniece got for me.


I have collected unicorns for many years. Some of these I purchased and some have been given to me. Mom bought the two on the front ends of the top shelf for me.

I fell in love with the Chinese girl. My Mom fell in love with it when she saw it. The vase and flowers next to it were a 35 anniversary gift to my parents. The Chinese doll on the left was given to me when I was a teenager by my Mom. I got the painted egg that is in front from Mom and Dad.

The wooden circle is a puzzle that I put together of a dragon and a phoenix.



I found the blue and white vase stuck away in a closet when I cleaned out my parents house. The brass bells and plate were Mom and Dad's and are from India. The blue and white egg is from my Aunt Hazel.

Dad collected unusual mugs and glasses.



The corner display shelf contains about half of my figurines and half Mom's. They are mostly of cute animals.

The glassware is part mine and part Mom's. The vase in the back with the Mardi Gras beads was given to me by my Aunt Bird. I found the butterfly fairy in a closet in Dad's room. The digital clock belonged to my brother. The artwork on the wall is mine.

Mom and I both collected music boxes. The art work is again all my work.



When I redid the computer room I ended up with a spare table. I got a red tablecloth for it and put extra flower arrangements on it. The two small ones in front Mom had on the mantle in the living room. The yellow roses were from an anniversary gift. Originally there were real roses and when they died Mom had me get some silk ones for her and do the arrangement.



Most of the DVDs are mine but I took some that belonged to my brother. In back of the stands is a wicker basket that holds table linen. I have the more of the flower arrangements on it.






I brought very little of the furniture from Mom and Dad's but I always loved this rocking chair. I made the afghan that is on the back. My Uncle Gene had sent money as a college graduation gift and I got the yarn and this was my first knitting project. I definitely needed the magazine rack The ottoman has to be covered because of a large hole in it. I used the afghan that I crocheted for my Mom. The ottoman has extra storage space so I keep it around. Pixie has taken over this as her spot.

The hallway starts behind the living room. I built the cabinet and use it for linens. The storage space in this apartment is really inadequate.


I am amazed that this arrangement has survived all these years it has been moved so much. I fell in love with it and got it as a gift. My feng shui cat is on the bottom waving.


All of the etchings are mine. I made the photo collage one evening when I couldn't sleep. They are all original photographs that I have taken.



Part of the cut crystal and silver are mine and part belonged to my parents. I found one of the masks in a closet in my Dad's room and one in a box in the basement.


Mom and I both collected candles. The large curly cue one in the back was an anniversary gift to my parents.


Yes serious cooks need a lot of cookbooks.


My beloved Aunt Bird made the pocketed bulletin board for me. I use it to hold all the instruction booklets.


I did this California Mission picture for my Mom many years ago.

My Dad loved sailing ships. I did this large stitchery piece for him. He hung it at the head of the bed.