The kitchen is a real challenge because it is very small and I am a serious cook with lots of dishes, pots, pans, and cooking utensils but I make it work. The cabinets over the sink hold my dishes. I have two sets of china. My Mom and Dad bought me a service for 12 of Johann Haviland blue garland china. My late Aunt Hazel gave me a service for 8 of Johann Haviland green leaves with small blue flowers. My regular dinnerware is a service for 8 of Pfaltzgraff tea rose. All of the cabinets over the sink are full. Over the stove is part of my cookware and pots and pans. Over the microwave is the pantry. The rack takes the overflow of cookware. The end of the rack holds all my aprons on one side and the small magnet that says "Pat's Kitchen." Pat was my Mom's nickname and the magnet is too heavy to use on the refrigerator so I hung it on the rack instead.

I combined my canister set with Mom's, I bought the wooden ones for her in the 60s She just loved them. The red apple basket has emergency sewing supplies in it. I put it together for my brother. The cranberry tile on the wall Mom had in her kitchen. The little red cube is a weather radio that my brother bought for me.


One year a friend taught my Mom how to make pictures using an embroidery hoop as a frame and material for the picture. Mom made this kitchen scene for me. Over the sink was the perfect place for it.




One of the most important parts of the kitchen the coffee and tea center. Mr. Coffee comes out every morning. When Mom was alive she asked me to show her how to set up the coffee so I could have coffee when I came down in the morning. I found the Mrs. Tea for Two still in the box in her closet. I love tea so I brought it with me. Behind the paper towels is one of my spice racks.

My Mom had the black metal decorations over her stove. I got the blue and white dish as a present many years ago. Mom had the blue and white cup and bell in a closet. I have two timers the red pepper and one on the end and often have both going at the same time. The little statue says "Cooking is Fun."



This cabinet area is so weird. I put the microwave and toaster oven here. The area that goes off into a weird corner has my overflow of spices as well as three jugs holding cooking instruments and two small knife sets. One is mine and one I bought for Mom. The wooden crates hold towels and more cooking things. The pot holders and towels change with the season.


The top of the refrigerator has a basket with two wine glasses I got as a gift, my popcorn popper and two cookie jars. The brownstone cookie jar is from my childhood. With three teenagers as frequent visitors I keep both cookie jars full of homemade cookies.

I believe refrigerators should have plenty of magnets.






I took some of these magnets from my Mom's refrigerator.






I had no place left for the rest of my cookware so I put together this chrome self unit. I use everything on there on a frequent basis. The yellow, green and white pot holder Mom had hanging on her kitchen wall.