Dining Room


The dining room is tiny and shares its space with the washer and dryer. Mom sent me the card table and chair several years ago when I lived in Illinois and needed a dining set for a small place. The theme changes according to the season.

I found the curtain at a thrift shop. The macramé birdcage I made for my Mom. She saw these at the store and bought two of them and asked if I would make them for her. I had never done macramé before but followed the instructions. This one hung in the living room. 

Fortunately the place accepts a full size washer and dryer.




I keep L'arpie Michele, Sue Sockey Monkey, Fl'obble Captain Jack, and Octavia Octopus on the dryer. I made the sock monkey and octopus. Friends overseas made the L'arpie and Fl'obble.




I love my Randal Spangler pictures. I have "Saturday Night Bath" and "A Dragling's Work is Never Done."





My Mom received this spice rack as a gift in the 70s. When I moved in with her she asked if I wanted to use it. The spices were still in there from the 70s so I washed it out and filled it with my spices.

The dining table is ready for Autumn.






I love my Charles Wysocki picture. Everything has a pun in its name.