The bedroom is the most feminine room in the house. It has most of my dolls. The theme is pink roses in honor of my Mom's favorite flower.


I covered the trunk with an Irish themed throw that I gave to my mother. The trunk has my Christmas decorations in it. My Cabbage Patch kids collection sits on top of the trunk.




When I was cleaning out the basement I came upon a container that had my Dad's robe in it. Dad always hung his robe on a hook behind their bedroom door. It is hanging behind my bedroom door now.

I collect Cabbage Patch kids.




The cat basket holds some knitting projects.


One Christmas Mom made these for all of us. Mine of course had a unicorn on it.

My brother Reid gave me this beautiful clock many years ago.

I fell in love with these pictures.


Over the chest is a collage of pictures of family and cats.

I have had this chest of drawers since childhood. It has been painted and covered many times. Some of the jewel boxes were given to me by my Mom. I also have her jewel box and Dad's.


Most of these dolls were given to me by my Mom. The first doll came with a card that said "A beautiful doll for my beautiful doll."




This was one of the first pieces of furniture my parents ever bought. It is a sewing table. The top drawer actually spins out to hold spools of thread. I found the little vase in a closet.

The daybed is surprisingly comfortable. Sometimes Merlin and Pixie actually let me lie down on it.


The Cabbage Patch kid in pink was a gift from my Mom. I had done her shopping and told her that Wal-Mart had a "me" Cabbage Patch kid with red hair and brown eyes and one dimple on the same side as I have my one dimple. My Mom immediately gave me her card and told me to go back and get it before it was sold.

The monkey is J. Fred Muggs. I got him when I was a small child. My Dad bought him for me. He has been everywhere with me.



I found the clock/CD player in a box in my Mom's bedroom. The candle holder was hers. I added the rocks. I also have a fountain here in the bedroom.

I have several unicorn pictures over my bed.




I have my dream catcher over my bed. The Nancy Chien-Eriksen picture is one of my favorites. The classic unicorn picture is mirrored by the throw on the bed.



I love Sue Dawe's art. The clock is also by her.



These were both from Christmas cards.



I have this beautiful picture at the foot of my bed.


The sun catcher was a gift from a friend.

This is from a latch hook rug kit that my Mom gave me.